Welcome to VRSpace Space Development Kit v0.9.6b

VRSpace is free cross-platform modular 3D community software.

VRSpace server includes world editor, which allows you to build your own worlds.

Space Development Kit includes all the tools needed to build all the parts of multiuser 3D worlds, like models, textures, and software. All the software included on this CD is freely available on the internet.

Everybody - Java software:

Java Development Kit (windows, linux) is requirement for anything to work, docs included.
Note: make sure java.exe is in your system's PATH.
Java 3D (windows, linux) with documentation. Required for Xj3D browser, and future VRSpace Java3D client.
Java Media Foundation (windows, linux, others) - MP3 (windows, others) MOV, AVI, RTP, and many more.
Docs: guide and specification.

VRML viewers:

Windows: Contact (recomended), and a number of other browsers. You need only one.
Linux and Mac OS/X: pick either OpenVRML or FreeWRL.
Xj3D is cross-platform (java) VRML browser. Installations for Linux, Mac OS/X and Windows (java&j3d included, xj3d only) are included here.

VRML authoring tools:

Wings3D is an excelent free 3D modeller for Windows, Linux and Mac. Manual included. Also, check the gallery. Plugins convert wings models to various format, including blender.

Blender is 3D animation program for Windows, Linux and Mac. Comes with loads of plugins and documentation.

GNU Image Manipulation Program:
Win 9x users should install version 1 of GIMP toolkit, GIMP itself and GIF plugin.
Win XP users install version 2 of GIMP toolkit, GIMP, animation package and help files.

Crossroads (windows) converts anything to everything and back again.
GridEditor (java) is a simple terrain editor.

Avatar (Character) Builders: Windows only.
French versions of Avatar Studio 1 and 2, with patch which lets them exchange data.
Win 9x users may need VB 6 runtime too in order to run the patch.

Java/VRML coders:

jEdit is about best editor there is. After installation, copy the plugins to the jars subdirectory made during installation.
Use Ant Farm plugin to build vrspace. VRML specification is a must-have.

And last but not least, VRSpace itself:

Complete VRSpace project tree is included, just unzip it to any folder.
Add shortcut to newly created server.bat (windows) or server.sh (others) in your VRSpace bin folder; use it to start VRSpace server. Folder examples contains a number of server configurations examples, and pub folder contains content of your brand new VRSpace web site, including VRSpace VRML client and loads of VRML models.

Installed everything yet?:)

OK start the server and then click here to enter quickly or read more about using VRSpace VRML client.