VR Space uses a large number of technologies to achieve its goal, which is a shared, multi-user 3D experience. All software that you need for the cyberspace of your dreams lies around you. All you have to do is "pick" it up and make it work together. We have chosen open standards and open source, because we think that real success of cyberspace will depend mainly on number of users and developers.

VR Space is an asynchronous event distribution & 3d streaming media system. We use AliceBot as our artificial intelligence engine, JBoss as an application server, and the distributed search engine NeuroGrid. JXTA is the core of our peer-to-peer (p2p) networking, and we use the JAMES mail and newsgroup server. VRSpace is a completely extensible system, so this is just the very beginning of the types of technologies that you can access with a VRSpace server.


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